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Liberty Genetics have been operating since March 1998. It was formed by a cooperative of NZ farmers to provide value for all NZ farmers and to provide great genetics at the best possible price.

Performance - The proof is in the pudding!

Over the years Liberty has produced many proven high BW bulls. The current portfolio is a combination of high BW proven and genomic sires. Liberty is well represented on the NZAEL RAS-list.

A significant cost saving.

The cost of our product is not inflated by sire proving costs and we will add new technology to our sire development system when it provides clear economic advantage.

High quality replacements and a single focus on dairy cattle breeding.

The Liberty Genetics’ team are passionate about the dairy industry and dairy genetics. The furthering of New Zealand’s dairy genetics is our sole business focus.

Top service and efficiency plus.

Our shareholders and customers are demanding and we know we have to perform at a high standard. The Liberty Genetics directors and management understand the importance of reliability, integrity and performance.

No other obligations.

Tell us what you need, we won’t try and sell you what you don’t.

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