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Experienced technicians for the most effective artificial insemination.

AI (artificial insemination) tank on farm

Liberty Genetics can provide skilled, experienced and knowledgeable AB Technicians to ensure you get the best insemination service for your herd. Not only are they trained in what they do, but they have experience, knowledge and expertise to handle the entire process to its full potential.

Our AB Technicians are checked by experienced AB Supervisors to ensure you receive a first-rate and reliable service. They are assessed annually on their semen handling and thawing practices, and their insemination techniques.

All our AB Technicians use the Portabull app to record matings which allows them to:

  • Electronically transfer matings to your herd recording program
  • Easily identify short returns
  • Enter matings at the time of insemination
  • Provide inbreeding protection (if used with CRV’s Sirematch Protect)

Contact us today on 0508 454 237 to arrange for a qualified technician to visit your farm and assist today.

Estrotect™ Breeding Indicator

The newly redesigned ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator features breeding patch technology that indicates when cows are ready to breed, helps confirm pregnancies and provides pinpoint timing for AI protocols!

They are a 11cm x 4.5cm rectangular patch that is stuck on between the hip and the tail end of the cow.

As mounting activity occurs, the ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator’s silver and black surface ink is rubbed off by the friction and will reveal the indicator colour (red/orange, green, blue, yellow or fuchsia).

Estrotect - Heat Detector
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