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Low cost, high profit

Liberty Genetics is helping one of New Zealand’s largest dairy farming operations achieve high profits by keeping costs low.

Dairy farming business, Grasslands, milks 21,000 cows across farm hubs in Canterbury , Southland and South Waikato. They also have hubs in Oregon and Missouri, USA, where they milk 8000 cows.

As the name suggests, Grasslands run a predominantly grass-only farming system with a low-cost high profit focus, returning well above normal returns in the form of dividends to its shareholders.

Grasslands CEO of Canterbury, Southland and Missouri Hubs, Simon Le Heron, (pictured on the right) sees Liberty as a good fit for their business.

“Yes, it’s great that Liberty is well-priced, but it has also delivered us high BW genetics over many years. Even more than price and genetics though, it’s the people and relationships that are important to us. The one-on-one service we get from Liberty, and in particular Glen, who I’ve been dealing with for more than 10 years, is what keeps us with Liberty long-term.”

“At Grasslands we are a low-cost business and so is Liberty,” says Simon.

Simon, who uses Liberty Genetics across the Grassland New Zealand business as well as his own two Canterbury farms, says Liberty is about more than saving money.

General manager of the Canterbury Hub Lincoln Harrison adds “Grasslands has a ‘no dickheads policy’ and Liberty fits into that policy well.”


Lincoln Harrison and Simon Le Heron - Grasslands dairy farming business.

Lincoln Harrison and Simon Le Heron – Grasslands.

Making the switch to Liberty Genetics

Dion & Kristie Gordon made the switch to use Liberty Genetics in 2018 to get the best value from their breeding programme.

Equity managing 3500 cows in Mid and South Canterbury the Gordon’s were looking for High BW A2 Bull semen.

Asked why the Gordon’s switched to Liberty Dion said, “Obviously we are saving money by using Liberty Genetics which is important, to get ahead we need to make sound business decisions and Liberty is helping drive on farm costs down.

However, Liberty is not just about the lower semen price, Liberty provide an excellent one on one service that can only come with a small company, the team at Liberty knows us and our farming goals and provide hands on service.”

Liberty’s relationship with CRV Ambreed also means they can provide a comprehensive AB service nationwide.”

Make the switch to Liberty Genetics today and get more bang for your buck! 

Dion and Kristie Gordon - Liberty Genetics

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